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We are all tired of dead zones for cellular and High-Speed Broadband Internet access. We have all visited a local street festival or sporting event and experienced inaccessible or “busy” cellular access or WiFi when trying to contact friends or family. Allero has solutions for these problems, today.

If you live or have a business outside of a major metro area, often you have little to no access to High-Speed Broadband Internet or if you do have internet, it is extremely expensive for the slow speeds that are available by existing providers. The speeds provided are usually too slow for video conferencing which has become a must in the current mobile workforce. Allero has solutions to this problem, today.

If you live inside a city center or outside in a LMI (Low to Moderate Income) area, there may be High-Speed Broadband Internet available, but not affordable. Allero Telecom overcomes both the affordability and accessibility issues by working with your local communities to provide services to these areas that are unserved or underserved by standard internet and cellular carriers. Allero Telecom specializes in eliminating these problem areas for a connected future.

Unserved or Underserved Areas

In working with communities across the country, we have noticed that not all unserved or underserved areas are LMI(Low to Moderate Income) areas. Often, these areas are either geographically remote locations outside the service area of a city or in communities that are within the city’s service area, but the capital infrastructure expense and disruption of the community for construction is a burden that these communities cannot bear. Additionally, traditional Internet providers that offer services such as DSL, WISP and Satellite services have determined that providing services to these areas is not profitable, so they continue to overlook them. Because of Allero Telecom’s paradigm shifting mesh technology, these unserved and underserved areas are no longer held hostage to the high cost, construction nightmares and limited service of the traditional internet providers. We can provide customized, scalable, economically feasible solution to all these areas, today.

LMI (Low to Moderate Income) Area

LMI areas have always been a real challenge to city leaders and service providers alike. Our experience shows us that these areas are usually large in size or spread out over great distances that are too costly to cover with traditional service with no ability to recoup the expense of deployment due to the ability of the community to afford service. We want to know about these areas so we can help. These are the real problems of today. The technology that Allero Telecom deploys today gives forward thinking city and community leaders a real chance to address and solve these problems.

Remote Education

Educational leaders and city leaders had to scramble in 2020 to implement a patchwork of cellular hotspots and WiFi sharing programs to find online solutions for students as fast as possible. This patchwork has problems including high expense and low data throughput that could not support the student’s needs. Allero Telecom deploys a future resistant infrastructure that can replace cellular hotspots and provide the High-Speed Broadband Internet access that our students and communities need. The technology that Allero Telecom deploys today, gives educational and city leaders economically feasible solutions that are scalable and empowers their entire community for generations.

Festival Districts

We are currently working with multiple cities and business partners to map and deploy our system in these areas that can sustain 75,000+ concurrent connections. This is NFL stadium scale connectivity that is economically feasible today with minimal equipment and rapid deployment.

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